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  • DBA Design Effectiveness Awards

    Bronze: Best Campaign

  • Benchmark Awards

    Best branding category

  • 25%

    increase in number of clubs playing the game

  • 8.4%

    real terms sales growth (against -5% market average)

  • 524%

    upsurge in unique page views on ‘Find a Club’ website page

In 2014 the National Bingo Game (NBG) underwent some major changes and invigorated its flagship game with a fully integrated marketing campaign using social media, web, in-club promotion and press. The idea? Make people imagine what pose they would strike if they won!

A life changing moment

The campaign’s aim was to re-engage with clubs, players and lapsed players and ensure the National Bingo Game was THE bingo game to play in the UK.

Usain Bolt, Uma Thurman or Elvis?

Based on the idea of ‘The Winning SHOUT’, the campaign features various bingo players celebrating a big win by striking a winning pose such as ‘The ‘Bolt’, ‘Pulp Fiction dance’ or ‘Elvis’. We even created a bespoke ‘House’ pose, using the unique and well-known bingo vernacular.

The campaign’s tone of voice is perfect for bingo audiences – tuning in to the excitement, cheekiness and humour of this most social of activities. Social channels are harnessed to create an online bingo community where passionate players share their ‘Winning SHOUT’ poses.

Eyes down. Sales up.

A stronger online presence and revitalised in-club environments with large format print posters, digital screens and many other communications had an immediate impact: 25% more clubs played the game, new clubs joined the membership and an 11.5% increase in sales – especially impressive in a declining market!

We’re very excited about this new campaign - it’s cheeky and vibrant and has just the right tone of voice for our audience. The visual execution also builds on our stand out branding for NGBA that Workroom did for us 7 years ago. And they’ve done it in record time, with just under two months from briefing to launch!

Miles Baron
Chief Executive, National Bingo Game Association

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