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    Phase one appeal target achieved by 20% in just four months

Seeking to generate funds from high net worth individuals with a vested interest in sustainability or a passion for organic methods, we developed a compelling message for the Soil Association that offers donors the chance to be part of something transformational for the future of food and farming. They dug it!

A Manifesto for Change

The Soil Association is a leading global organic organisation, reliant on its membership and donations to carry out its work, drive policy and build awareness about the benefits of sustainable, organic food and farming. We needed to create awareness around the first phase of ‘A Manifesto for Change’ – a fundraising campaign to secure £20m, aimed directly at high net worth individuals with a vested interest in organic farming, health and sustainable practices.

Cultivate, flourish, mature, thrive, spread

The highly campaignable name ‘Food for Life’ gave us the chance to develop persuasive communications, highlighting organic versus an industrial farming story. To help distinguish between the story and the proposed financial programme, we devised a two-document format. Evocative imagery (shot at HRH Prince Charles’ organic estate, Home Farm) and a compelling narrative stated a solid business case for the Soil Association – with messages so powerful that they were later used as posters to launch the US appeal in New York with Sting and Trudy Styler.

Grow awareness, sprout interest, raise funds

20% of the phase one appeal target was raised in the first four months. The campaign has continued to grow, using the communications as the central tool for face to face engagement.

We were very impressed by the way Workroom was able to understand and communicate our vision so beautifully. What a difference it has made to the impact we make when we meet potential donors.

Patrick Holden CBE
Director, Soil Association

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