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Indivior is a world leader in the treatment of opioid drug addiction. Previously known as RB Pharmaceuticals, it completed a demerger and launched on the London Stock Exchange in December 2014. Its first ever shareholder communications are a vehicle to tell its unique story.


Removing the stigma of addiction

Indivior champions a radical change of thinking about addiction: to move it away from a “bad things done by bad people” classification and towards a recognised, chronic and relapsing medical condition that can be treated. In fact, many of its own people have been personally touched by the problems of opioid addiction and its devastating impact on communities, families and individuals.


A global crisis affecting real people

As well as laying out Indivior’s vision and guiding principles, the Annual Report draws attention to the global addiction crisis and shows where Indivior fits into this story. Defining the central unifying thought that addiction affects people from all walks of life, we gave a voice to those that Indivior has helped in some way: an accountant, a graduate, a physician and a grieving father who lost his son – all of whom who we interviewed to draw out their stories.

A brighter future

The ‘people from all walks of life’ focus will continue to play a big part in brand communications to help change perceptions about opioid addiction. It can be treated and people can get their lives back on track, thanks to Indivior’s efforts.

This was a hugely important project as the Annual Report was our company's first major corporate communication as a standalone, newly listed company, setting the tone for all future communications and launching our new corporate identity to the world. The Workroom encapsulated Indivior's purpose and tone of voice perfectly.
Debby Betz, Chief Corporate Affairs and Communications Officer, Indivior



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