26 times we gave the RB brand some buzz

A brand is a complex thing. It needs to be single-minded. Future-proof. Game-changing. Just when you think you’ve nailed it, something new comes and knocks you off your perch. Quick! The rules have changed. You need to adapt. So you turn to us. Good move. We’ve worked with RB for over sixteen years so we know what it takes. Scroll down and let us show you how we excel at giving brands buzz.


(cue booming voice over)

From animated logos to full Disneyesque extravaganzas, making things move beautifully on screen can move people and – in the best RB fashion – get them moving.

The End.


In 2009 we rebranded RB. We defined the corporate brand as The Power behind the Powerbrands and introduced the promise unleashing performance.

This positioning inspired our striking visual metaphor for RB’s identity – a high performance sports kite (The Fury) – symbolising RB brands and the unique attributes of power, speed and agility.

We built the strategically important shorthand – RB – into the kitemark, in preparation for a future name change. Lift off!

“Our new identity is the outward manifestation of the proposition we offer our employees, investors and customers. It’s another step forward on RB’s amazing journey.”

Bart Becht
Former CEO, RB


Original logo


New logo


Strategy change


Name change


Name change


Strategy change


New logo


Original logo


Splat Attack! The games app we created gives visibility and recognition to the RB corporate brand by linking with some famous brands you might recognise.

With nearly 300,000 plays after only a few months the app put RB on top of the leaderboard for graduates.

Cut the Mustard
French’s Mustard

Splat Attack

Face Invaders

Hit the Spot

Kitchen Chaos

Smooth Operator


Digital is at the heart of practically everything we do of course. But some projects are more pixelated than others. In 2009 we designed and built rb.com and last year quickly rustled up rb.com mobile site in 6 weeks! See it here.

We also designed the first brand site on the Buzz – for Vanish…


Stimulate your career! Powerbrands with which students have most affinity were used to attract them to heart-thumping career opportunities at RB. The year-long awareness campaign in 9 global territories from Australia to Brazil kicked off with an immersive campus experience at a top UK University featuring Nurofen, Clearasil and Veet.

And of course, if the chemistry proved particularly strong, the Durex was boxed and ready for action.

Campus event rolled out across

9 territories

98% upsurge

in visits to RB's
online jobs board page

Facebook ‘likes’

up 410%

UrbAN THRILL plays reach



For us, a distinctive and ownable brand is one that bothers to cross the t’s and dot the i’s. Drawing inspiration from the RB kitemark, we designed, crafted and then digitised RB’s unique Kite Display fonts.

It’s the kind of attention to detail you should expect from us – and a global brand.

Kite Display Bold

Kite Display Light

Game Changer

The Game Changer employer brand platform was the ideal opportunity to create a stand out recruitment campaign which genuinely reflects the spirit and energy of the business. RB people are the heroes (obviously!) as their stories are used to inspire others.

Smart move, Silvie.

We asked Victoria to sell
more Vanish in India.

She started a food fight.

Good job, Victoria!

Victoria brought her chemistry lab to India’s streets,
invited people to throw curry and tea at a huge
white sheet, then blasted the stains off in 60 seconds
with Vanish. Sales leapt 250,000 in 3 weeks.

Join RB – outshine from day one.

Game Changers only. Let’s talk.

Health Hygiene Home

When RB’s strategic purpose was defined as Healthier Lives & Happier Homes, we were on hand to help craft appropriate symbols, design the deskdrop that revealed the positioning and new geographies, and create the marcomms to launch it internally. And we made sure the outside world understood the shift by building the new descriptor into RB’s logo too…

Internal Comms

How to communicate with your people is a constant challenge for a dynamic, growing business such as RB, with 38,000 employees in 60 countries.

You need comms that help rather than hinder your daily routine. We’ve helped RB create internal communications that inform, influence, and inspire.



RB’s global language is English but doing business and attracting the right people often means using the local language. We created simple templates so country websites can be built quickly. Japan, China, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Poland, and India are just some that now have their own sites.



Further, faster, higher! A high performance sports kite called ‘The Fury’ is the symbol for the spirit of the business. Just like RB – and its people – the kite is agile and fast. We’ve been playing with kites for many years and are still finding new and amazing things to do with them.

Hold on tight!


The clever one, the fun one, the sporty one, the dynamic one.

Whether it’s for a conference, programme, or charity event, RB logos need to have their own personality, but must be part of the wider RB brand family. All equal, but different.

If you need an identity, and you need it sharpish, call the Workroom logoline.

Corporate brand

Corporate strategy icons

Corporate and operational branding

Sustainability programme branding

Conference branding



Corp Comms set us the challenge to design and build the rb.com mobile site in six weeks. We audited all rb.com content, rewrote copy, and designed a site with bespoke content that puts the power of RB in your hand, quickly.

Finished by the deadline, time to go Home.


It certainly is a numbers game, isn’t it? And infographics are perfect to breathe life into dry subjects. They’re gorgeous. And as every area of RB is so productive, goal-oriented, and dedicated to delivering stonking results, what could be better than using this technique to capture the scale, diversity, and sheer volume of what they achieve?


It’s amazing how many different creative ways we’ve found to represent various aspects of the intangible ‘outperform’ word. Almost every year since 2007 we’ve helped to theme and brand key global conferences (Top40, Top400, IS, HR, Category, R&D & UK Business).


Death by PowerPoint? It doesn’t have to be. There are simple ways of creating stand out and we’ve worked hard to master them for students and investors alike. Telling a good story, adding a dash of visual personality and animation will keep people in the room.

We've been RB for

high performance years


Creative agencies are always keen to do quirky, fun, and cheeky things. As well as designing ‘rubbish’ awards (see it here), kite silk and neoprene laptop bags, and singing cards, we’ve also been known to create naughty-but-nice branded cupcakes for parties! (Our 10th anniversary working with RB).


We’ve told the RB strategy story in a fresh way for the past 14 years (it may even be a world record). From photography of in-store Vanish demos in Turkey to a Bang! comic book style, we’ve designed and produced the annual and sustainability reports in every imaginable way, in print and online.

World Champions

Our Powerbrands are mainly No.1 or No.2 worldwide.


RB’s sustainability strategy has been growing in strength, depth, and reputation every year. From creating RB’s Million Brighter Futures identity and website to Save a Child Every Minute campaign on-pack, we’ve brought creativity, impact, and longevity to the message.

T40 / T400

Topical. Tenacious. Tightly-managed.

In fact, every sort of RB conference we’ve branded (Top40, Top400, IS, HR, Category, R&D, UK Business, etc) has needed a stand out identity and brand design that brings alive the theme and inspires those attending. All helping to put RB on Top.

Urban Thrill

Go for the thrill! To engage talented graduates and early careerists, we created a fast ’n furious online free-running game.

Urban Thrill takes you from downtown New York to the domed Taj Mahal of India and beyond, perfectly capturing the excitement of a career with RB. The number of plays leapt to 1.6 million in the first year.









Vision & Values

Where would a business be without its vision for the future and its values to guide its growth? We helped articulate the values and developed a poster campaign using high performance sports imagery to represent the true RB spirit!


How do you squeeze water out of the business to reduce global water impact by a third by 2020?

We started by creating a big splash with a lift takeover, grabbing attention for a water-reducing idea competition. The elevator pitch really paid off. Great ideas poured in.


A lion tamer that Vanished, the Great Gats’RB, and even a Durex reindeer have all featured in RB’s celebrations of the festive season. As Christmas has been around for 2000 years (give or take), the challenge to do something different every year simply pushes the Workroom team to be even more creative.

As for the ‘Cirque du RB’ party, featuring the lion – it was a roaring success.

“Tingle bells, tingle bells, tingle all the play!”


We love winning awards (especially when we win with our clients).

Not all ideas can be winners, though. To stir up some competition between RB’s creative agencies, we reinvented the wooden spoon and designed an award for the most rubbish ad of the year. The first person to get his hands on the trophy was our model maker who hand-crushed the aluminium sheeting by using chain mail gloves.


Are you a Hero or a Villain?

To compel people to reduce the environmental impact they make at work with waste, we didn’t get all preachy. We put some character into it and transformed the project into a fun quiz that brought out that RB competitive edge in everyone.

Results & clients

Upping the uptake, revitalising revenues, concluding conversions, or energising engagement.

We love the impact our work makes as much as we love making it. And our strategic creativity gains commercial results for a host of other clients, as well as for RB. After all, variety is the spice of life.



Increase in page views (2 years post launch)

Google Analytics YoY

Synergy Health


Share price growth (from £1.77 in 2002 to £15.80 in 2015)

FTSE investor pages

National Bingo
Game Association


Increase in sales of NBG across UK clubs

NBGA sales figures 2014

Balfour Beatty


Increase in revenue in first year post launch

Balfour Beatty WorkPlace supplied figures

The Whitehall
& Industry Group


Increase in membership

WIG supplied figures


We build brands and experiences.

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