Liberating careers at Coty: lattices not ladders

Volatility. Ambiguity. Transformation. This is modern business today.

McKinsey estimates that half of today’s work activities could be automated.A third of the next decade’s jobs haven’t even been invented yet. So the very concept of ‘career paths’ is becoming obsolete because opportunities are unpredictable.

As an entrepreneurial and forward-thinking business, Coty has been developinga new career philosophy based on the concept of lattices, not ladders.

To announce this initiative internally we needed find a compelling narrative and an engaging way to demonstrate the approach.

The world is changing

Coty wanted to communicate that the only true constant is the value of adaptive learning and personal growth. As an employer Coty both values and provides a portfolio of key learning experiences, gained through meaningful projects and assignments. Focusing on breadth of know how, knowledge and behaviours would result in greater value and employability for all employees.

Coty Signature Experiences Script

New approach. New name.

We named the new career philosophy ‘Signature Experiences’ to express the bespoke and personal nature of Coty’s offer. Six pivotal journey points ranging from ‘Understanding Myself’ through ‘Personal Resilience and Agility’ to ‘Leadership’ were defined and illustrated and then plotted against a lattice-like matrix backdrop. A series of personalised animated journeys were then mapped out indicating key learnings at each pivotal point. For longevity and flexibility, we created Coty avatars to help to tell the stories from around the business, adding an important human touch. Over time, video footage will also be added.

Coty Signature Experiences Face Animation

Go get your learnings!

Signature Experiences was launched with a narrated 3-minute film, setting the scene with global workplace transformation examples to lay the foundations for a new mindset of self-learning and adaptability. We helped Coty’s L&D team design and build a host of new learning tools including animations and Podcasts, as well as the more lighthearted idea to design your own avatar to start your journey.

Coty Signature Experiences Podcast Insitu
Coty Signature Experiences Podcast
Coty Signature Experiences Make Your Own Mug



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