Coty’s new global website liberates the Voices of Beauty

A total rethink of Coty’s corporate website was needed after our successful Coty rebrand, (following its $12.5bn merger with P&G’s Specialty Beauty Business).

With the company’s purpose – “to celebrate and liberate the diversity of beauty” as our strategic and creative springboard, we set out to deliver an ‘uncorporate’ corporate online experience – a more disruptive site befitting the challenger positioning of the global No 3 beauty company.

A big idea was needed to deliver Coty’s vision within a tight timeframe, to a fixed budget and which could then be built on, enriched and amplified over time.

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Voices homepage


Working closely with Coty’s team, as well as a comprehensive best practice review in and out of the beauty sector helped us define the site’s long-term aspirations, priority audience needs and potential functionality. It also provided us the perfect opportunity to challenge prevailing corporate website experiences – the corporate-only point of view.

What if Coty could connect with audiences to truly demonstrate the truth and impact of its purpose – a living example that celebrates and liberates the diverse world of beauty? And so Voices of Beauty was born. finds its voice

New literally ‘gives voice’ to a myriad of opinions, passions and experiences that influence Coty’s culture and brands. The voices are the authentic perspectives of the entire industry – employees, partners, industry experts, innovators, colleagues, clients and customers.

Storytelling enables powerful, emotive, accessible, authentic and immediate connections. So the storyteller faces are front and centre.

In this thoroughly “uncorporate corporate” online experience, all content is considered against the purpose. is much more than passive a conduit for useful information – it encourages action. Agree. Disagree. Share. Find out more. Leaders page



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