Roll up. Roll up. Step right this way!

How do you get as many people as possible to participate in a normally very ‘corporate’ fixture – the office party?

RB needed some help from us to create some buzz and engagement internally to encourage maximum participation. The internal comms team had already come up with a potentially great experiential idea – a circus party.

We added a bit of magic by a nod to a world-famous entertainment brand and then devised a tongue-in-cheek integrated communications campaign using RB’s own iconic brands to make the link to well known circus acts… a ‘Vanish’ing act with lion, a Strongman with Cillit ‘Bangs’ and a flame-swallower with a handy Gaviscon, for after the show.

The campaign was delivered through digital and print communications and on branded event collateral.

Awesome night by all accounts.


RB (Reckitt Benckiser)


Employee engagement campaign 'Cirque du RB'


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