Unlock consumer decision-making

Social Insight Engine is a pioneering social audience insight tool that unlocks consumer decision-making to predict customer needs, and uncovers the triggers to brand favourability and sales. It’s unique in what it does, and so too, must be the way in which it’s communicated.

Real time actionable insight

This distinctive tool provides marketers, planners, and content creators with actionable insights in real time, to supercharge marketing activity and sales performance. The positioning, messaging, branding, tone of voice, website and communications needed to match the tool’s consumer-driven personality, rather than the predictable tech or software positioning of its competitors. This would ensure market stand out to attract both investor funding and clients.

Uncover consumer triggers to brand favourability

Brand imagery contains explosive, colourful pigments to communicate that this is a more lifestyle-led tool. The identity integrates a speech bubble shape – a visual reference to both the social channels and consumer opinions that feed into big data.

More engagement, less cost, more reach

During beta testing with various household brand names, the tool generated two times more engagement, reduced cost per action by 2.5 times, and reached four times larger target audiences.

The strategic positioning and messaging around the engine by the Workroom was critical in achieving our investor funding. Social Insight Engine looks and feels dynamic, powerful and consumer focussed. It’s as unique as the tool itself.
Joel Davis, Founder & Managing Director, Agency:2

Social Insight Engine


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